JokeyBot Code of Conduct


You should expect these things from me:
  • I will read all submissions, and judge them fairly, tag them honestly, and edit them as little as possible.
  • I will do my best to keep this resource up and available for all to enjoy. Understand that this is a side project for me, not my primary job, and will therefore be prioritized accordingly.
  • I will respond to contacts that are not spam or malicious rants, via email.
In trade, I expect the following from you:
  • Vote and report in good faith, not intending to skew the results in either direction or cause jokes whose message you may disagree with to be downvoted or disappeared.
  • Submit actual jokes, puns, and riddles, and not use the submission process to advertise any product, project, or viewpoint.
  • Avoid "punching down." Mean spirited jokes (e.g. making fun of someone's appearance, weight, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, sexuality, religion, profession, place of origin, or politics) are not welcome here, and will not be curated to visibility.
  • In the two places I ask for identifiable information (the email subscription interface, and the contact form), use a real email address.


The JokeyBot exists for the benefit of everyone. By nature, your interactions with it are already quite limited, but disruptive actions that you may take can (and will) result in you being blocked as much as is technologically feasible.

In order to keep this resource safe for all to use, the following limits are placed on your interactions:

  • Submissions: Ten uncurated submissions at a time are permitted to you. Once I have cleared my queue, this count is diminished, and you may post more. However, if you have submitted ten things that I cannot or will not curate to visibility, you remain at that limit indefinitely, and can only read new jokes; all your interaction with the JokeyBot will be disabled.
  • Reports: Given the amount of filtering I do, it is likely that no one can, in good faith, end up finding fifty genuinely-objectionable jokes that they wish to report. Fifty is the limit; once you have reported fifty jokes, your interactions become read-only at that point.
  • Voting: Voting is rate-limited to 100 votes per 24 hours, as a rolling total. Once you have cast 100 votes, you'll get one back about every 15 minutes. In the interim, the site will be read-only to you; all interactions will be disabled.

Certain things will get you blocked from interaction immediately, and permanently:

  • Flooding.
  • Submitting a link or other HTML in a joke.
  • Offensive or hateful comments in an contact form or joke submission form.
  • Using the joke submission form for any purpose other than submitting a joke.

Your Rights

Other than such rights to privacy that your place of residence may give you (see Privacy for these), you have no rights here. Zero. None. Nada. I run this site at my own whim, and can take it down by my own whim. I am granting you the privilege to read these jokes, and to participate in a small way, and it's not impugning upon your "freedom of speech" for me to block you if you misbehave. "Freedom of Speech" as defined in the US Constituion and other documents is freedom from government intrusion on speech, not something that defines how much privilege you may have with a commercial or non-commercial entity.

Being here and participating in this site is a privilege. And it's mine to give, and mine to take away. If you cannot be respectful, I will take it away, and not lose even a minute's sleep about it.

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